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    Under my Blogs/Follow- Following Tab, it shows the list of those that I follow. I am only able to alter or select the “get new posts by email” tab for the bloggers that have a The bloggers whom I’ve chosen to follow that do not have a account are listed, but their pic icon doesn’t show up and I can’t select to have their posts sent to me via email. Can someone help me out in this area?
    Greatly appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is


    I’m having this problem too. I moved over from Blogger and was used to just logging in and having them show me all the new stuff from the blogs I was subscribed to, whether or not they were on Blogger — is there any way around this on WordPress, or will I have to set up an independent RSS feed somewhere else?

    #738308 does not have an option to follow blogs by email or Jabber right now, and the option should be grayed out for you in those cases.

    To view all of the and blogs you’ve subscribed to, you should use the “Read Blogs” tab on the home page.

    Following blogs by email and jabber something we may add support for in the future, so we appreciate your feedback.

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