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    I have been trying to follow my mom on this blog and my mom has been trying to follow me. We have invited each other to be flollowers of each other’s blog but our posts are not showing up on the others reader board.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    If I recall correctly, blogs marked Private by their owners won’t show up in the Reader. You have to log in to the site itself to read.

    To be certain, I will tag this thread for Staff input.



    Hi there, it looks like you have not yet made any posts, which is why nothing is showing up in your mom’s Reader.

    I do see your mom’s posts in your Reader here:!/read/following/

    If you’re not seeing her posts there, would it be possible to upload a screenshot of what you see there, to help in troubleshooting?

    Here’s a guide on how to make a screenshot, if you’re not sure:

    You can upload the screenshot in your Media Library and then let me know the filename so I can go in and take a look.


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