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FOMO- new blogzine....

  1. hi guys, i have been happily plugging away with my blog, and am loving it. would be great to know what you guys think, feel free to browse and whatever you choose.


  2. "Pluggin away?"


    What's to browse? It has one entry and that is from a month ago and one category, "uncategorized."

    You do have 6 pages, but one is pimping someone else's site.

  3. my apologies for the confusion, just using it as an informative page and self promotion,
    with links to what i like and do. not a standard blog i know, againest the grain shall we say.

  4. This thread raises the question: how are we going to deal with people using this board purely to plug their blogs?

    Do we a) politely request that Matt creates a new forum for it along the lines of .org's 'Your WordPress', since it is patently neither a support request or an idea, or do we b) tell them not to do it because it will only clog up the front page with 'yo everyone come look at my YouTube videos'?

    You may surmise from this that my personal preference is for b), though I admit that a) may have community-building advantages.

  5. Actually I had planned on creating a "Plug your own board" subboard here but never heard anything back about it when I submitted a feedback asking if that was ok.


  6. Well, if you think a 'Plug your own' forum is a good idea and you have the power to create one, you should go ahead and do it. If they were against it they'd have said, so you can take the official silence as tacit approval.

  7. victoriacarolina

    Hmmm. Well, guess that's one way to look at it! As in 'tis better to ask forgiveness than permission perhaps....

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