Font blurred and distorted on different computers

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    A friend visiting my blog signaled me the texts on it appear blurry and font is much more thiner than it should be, resulting in the texts on my site very very difficult to read.

    My friend is using Google Chrome on a pc. I first thought the problem may have come from the browser but I visited the site on another pc computer (Windows 7) using Google Chrome and Internet Explorer and the texts appear just as they should on both browsers. I tested it on a third different pc (Windows 7), the blog is fine on IE but it has the problem on FF. I myself am using a mac (Lion OS) and the site appears just perfect on Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome.

    To sum up: I tested the site on 4 different computers (1 mac and 3 pcs) using 4 different browsers (FF, IE, Safari, Google Chrome) and 2 pcs have the problem, one with FF, the other with Google Chrome.
    Any clue ?

    Thank you
    The site I need help with:

    The blog I need help with is



    So I tested the blog on another computer, a mac with FF and Safari and it’s fine but it’s still unreadable on my friend’s pc. I am really confused.

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