Font change comes and goes

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    I have the Custom Design upgrade. When I change the font for the headlines and then save it, sometimes the new font is on the blog, sometimes not. It can’t seem to make up its mind. This has gone on for months. Not one of life’s tragedies, but I wish it would stay put.

    The blog I need help with is



    I seem to have the same problem – at least once every four or five occasions I go to my blog, the font that shows is the default one for theme, not the custom one.



    We are in the same boat. Don’t know if mine goes to default. It seems to just revert to the previous choice.


    Hello! I believe you were running into a bug that was only happening for a small set of people. We updated Custom Fonts today to try to fix that though.

    Sorry for the trouble!! Can you please post back here if the problem comes back for you?



    Sure. Thanks for the help.



    Whoops. Still doing it.


    Oh no! Okay then, this might be a separate issue. Can you give me some specifics that I can check out for myself?

    The toughest part of a report like this one is catching the bug in action! So if you spot the wrong font showing on the front end and you’re able to help out with some debugging, that would be really helpful!

    I can also try testing this, but it depends on me happening to catch the problem in action. Or, if you’re willing to give it a go, what you’ll want to do is look at the console in your browser and look for any red error messages related to fonts at all.

    Now, for the specifics. I’ll start with I checked that page just now, and I see that Customize > Fonts is setup to use Calluna for Headings and Droid Sans for Body Text. I loaded the site and checked the console in Firefox but didn’t see any errors, then I checked the inspector tab and I can see the CSS that loads the Calluna font looks good and that the font does change if I uncheck it as a test. Here is an animation showing my test:

    If you can catch the problem happening and either screenshot or copy and paste and font related error messages you see, that would help with debugging. Or if you can walk me through how to see the problem in action myself, then I can document it. Getting any kind of details about how to see the problem in action is the next best step in this case.



    I think your diligence is admirable, really. I’m not being cute, but this issue simply is not significant enough to me to start all this investigating, especially since I am not a high-tech guy. I realize that catching something as it happens is very difficult.

    It happens when I first open the blog on my screen. It usually will switch to the correct font within seconds or a minute or if I refresh the page. So usually it is correct, which also reduces the issue’s importance. Perhaps it would be best to accept that sometimes in life … stuff happens.

    Thanks anyway.


    No problem! The best I can do from my end is try to catch the problems in action and document them. :)

    Aside from that, I did hunt a bit more for a possible explanation and I found that there was a font server outage around the time you reported having trouble. So, and I’m just hoping here, maybe it was related to that! If that really is the case, then the problem may resolve on it’s own (and that would explain why it’s very difficult to catch in action).

    For next steps, it would be helpful to me to know if the problem is ongoing for you, so please post back here any time to let me know. Past that, I’ll wait for additional reports and research further if I see any.



    It was still happening a few hours ago.


    Hi again Felipe, can you please tell me a rough idea about where in the world you are located? I’m in upstate NY and I’m not seeing the problem. Also, can you please tell me who your internet provider is? These are things I’d like to keep in mind in case I find any other reports of the same problem from other people.



    7,200 feet above sea level in the middle of Mexico.

    And it was still doing it this morning. But, really, it’s not that big a deal. It’s usually correct, and when it’s not, it corrects itself in a brief time.


    Thanks for the extra info! I’ll keep an eye out for additional reports in case any pop up.

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