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Font change splits words between lines

  1. When trying to increase the font size (headings), words are split leaving 1 or 2 letters in one line.

    I'm using the Suburbia theme and the problem only happens on the front page.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. That's because WP has this thing against "orphans" (single words at the end of a paragraph), so they automatically turn the regular space between the last two words of the title into a non-breaking space (and as you found out, this produces a worse problem than the one they want to prevent). To override it, paste this (HTML entity for a thin space) right before the last word of your titles:

  3. Ah, didn't show up... This, minus the spaces:

    & # 8 2 0 1 ;

  4. Great, thanks!

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