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Font Color & Size

  1. Why can't I change the font color and size using the built-in editor?

  2. Help!!!!!!!

  3. Because you can't. I'm pretty sure that's it. Not positive though.

  4. I think this may be something to do with inline styles being a security risk. Even if the CSS was added automatically by the editor, you would be able to insert other code into it that might compromise the server.

  5. Arghh!! I'm sorry but this 'security thing' has driven me crazy! okay.. anyways,

    What about when I copy/paste a hyperlinked word, and it links the page through MY url making the link totally corrupt?

    e.g. I copy/paste a word with a link ( -- it shows up on my site like this: ( -- why?!


  6. If you're copy and pasting why not copy just the url then use the provided function for adding a link? It don't get much easier.

  7. marc,

    sometimes I need to copy/paste blocks of text, full of linked and unlinked words. So adding links manually and singly will take LOTS of time.

  8. I think because the actual URL on the website you copied from was a reletive URL. So their OWN link was just linked to "page2.html" rather than "". This saves them time in typing. It doesn't really have anything to do with wordpress, so you'll most likely have to manually add the links yourself.

  9. Font size and color can be changed using the font tag with html editor in the post tools. I have edited my posts to size 4pixel, face Times new roman and color Navy using following tag inserted after each tag in my post. <font color="navy" face="Times New Roman" size="3">

  10. The thing is: "The <font> tag in HTML is deprecated. It is supposed to be removed in a future version of HTML."


    Surely will handle this, but anyway.

    ps. Mindless hacking ( hacking) is just plain retarded, on a personal note. :)

  11. If you use Flock browser there's a snippet feature where you can save things to a snippet bar...text, photos, etc. There you could save a font size and color you want to use often and simply drag and drop it into the blog editor which you then write the words you want between the code.

  12. How do u change your font color!

  13. Reading the thread that you posted in may help...

  14. @superguy
    Sometimes illustrations are really helpful when it comes to explaining things. Please check this out as it may help you

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