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Font color

  1. Hi there! Thank you again for your precious help!
    I would like to change the font color of the title postar, that is currently black, in to dark purple and the text of the article-is it possible?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I could help you with the CSS but I am afraid you won't be able to apply custom CSS to the free plan of WordPress. you need to purchase business plan to apply custom CSS.

  3. @catezapp
    I can click the member link under your username, which all Volunteers must do prior to answering support threads, and see that you already have the required upgrade for CSS editing and have posted into the CSS customization forum before. Please wait patiently for Staff to assist you.

  4. @paneerphool

    Please read WordPress.COM Volunteers

    Volunteers may answer CC editing questions however Staff also automatically respond to all threads in the CSS customization forum.

  5. Yes timiethief and I do have the premium plan also yes I will wait

  6. @catezapp

    It's good to connect with you and best wishes. :)

  7. M'y pleasure timethief

  8. Hi Cate, where is the text you wish to change? I'm not seeing it on your main page or the other pages? Is it on a password protected page? Are you talking about the titles on your articoli page? If so, this should do it for you.

    .post .entry-title, .post .entry-title a {
      color: #6600ff;
  9. This is an example of an article ArticleI would lithe the title to be dark purple, in I this case" la rimpatriata " and then the text thank you

  10. The code I gave above will change that to purple. You can edit the color code as desired.

  11. Thank you i will try

  12. How about StoreFront themes ?.It also free. Can i also edit my font color and size?.

  13. @isyh05, there is a Storefront support forum at where you can post your questions for self-hosted sites.

  14. Sorry for the late reply-do i put the code in the widget HTML part? And another question, can you this foto of the news feed that I have here, LinkTo
    LinkThank you very much@ the sacred path

  15. The code I gave you is CSS, so go to Customize > CSS and paste it in at the bottom below all the other CSS.

    Where exactly do you want that photo, Cate?

  16. The exact place as the other one thank you

  17. Wild the themeSilvioBe appropriate for me?is there a open widget area,or can it be done?whats the header height?

  18. Cate, do you want the new photo to replace the one you have on that page now or do you want it added in addition to that photo?

    On Silvio, that all depends. It has more features and a different look, and it's a bit more complex from a customization standpoint. What I would suggest is to Look around on the Demo site and see if you can "see" your content there.

  19. For Silvio I will take a look-I wools like the old photo cate news to be replaced by the new new one, and it should always be linked to my event page thank you very much

  20. cassettinestainer

    Hi everybody! Thanks in advance for the answer.

    I'm struggling to change the color of the title on the slider.
    "La prima Cassettina non si scorda mai"

    I've used Chrome selector to find what to target but when I modify it on the CSS tool of wordpress nothing happens.

    Here is the link


  21. Hi @cassettinestainer, since you are using a different theme, and since CSS is generally theme specific, can I ask you to create a new thread in the CSS Forum? Many thanks in advance.

  22. Cate, I have added the image to your upcoming events page for you.

  23. Thank you

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