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Font Color for links is inconsistent...

  1. Hi there

    Most of the links in my posts are blue - but there are two in my "Raglan, New Zealand" post that are black. Why is this? I am using the PressRow theme.

    Can I do anything in the HTML tab of "Edit Post" to correct this - or would that require Editing CSS.

    Sorry if this question is silly - I'm a newbie ;)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hmmm - please disregard above post. I closed right out of my browser (had previously tried opening it in different tabs) and went back into my blog and VOILA.... the links are all now blue. Weird.

  3. In your theme, links that have been visited turn black in my browser, links that have not been visited remain blue. That's how it is designed.

  4. In most WP themes (including the one that you're using) visited links are displayed in different colors than unvisited links. You can control this behavior via the CSS upgrade, but please note that it's not a bug, it's part of the design.

  5. hmm.. double posting :)

  6. ;) Thanks Hillelstoler

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