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    I recently upgraded to PRO and I’m having trouble changing the color of the font in my blog. I’m referring specifically to the material I write in posts and on the static pages. Right now you’ll see it is a bit too dark on a dark background. I’d like to make it white so that it stands out but the color editor doesn’t seem to give me this option. Any ideas would be most helpful, thanks for taking a look! – Justin

    The blog I need help with is


    The custom colors page is designed to give you a place to change the overall color palette of your site with a few clicks. To make a specific change like you’ve described, you should use the CSS editor.

    To make the default font color white for main content, form elements, links, and entry meta in the Oxygen theme, add this to your Appearance → Custom Design → CSS page:

    #page a,
    .featured-post .entry-meta {
    	color: #fff;

    Note that it’s possible there will still be some text that isn’t white if there are more specific CSS rules for font color in the theme that aren’t covered in the basic example above. If you find any text like that, you can adjust that text by figuring out what selector is being used to set the color and adding that selector to the list in the example above.



    That worked incredibly well, thank you! However, it seems to have turned ALL fonts white. How would I specifically target just the body text in my blog entries? In other words, I would like to keep the title, blogroll, and static page names a different color….

    Thank you again!


    How would I specifically target just the body text in my blog entries?

    For that, you’d have to pick out which elements to target inside the post areas. For example, this will change the text color to white for post titles, post meta, the summaries on the home page, and the main text on the single posts:

    .entry-title a,
    .entry-content {
    	color: #fff;


    Thank you SO SO much, it looks great now! Exactly what I had invisioned!

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