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    1–Why does Bueno have such a light font color? Or is something wrong with my monitor? I can read it ok, but it seems light enough that some people might have trouble with it (one friend of mine always complains about colored background to text because there isn’t enough contrast for her to see the letters)

    Same thing only worse in the sidebar–at least with the gold background color that I like. Almost no contrast betw the font and the background…

    (I am not a good candidate for CSS, either! Really hopeless with code)

    2–What is the name of that font color? And how do I change back to it after I went and edited to change it to a darker color?
    The problem with editing the font to a dark color in my editor was that when I did it my embedded video de-embedded and just became a url. Even repasting the url for the youtube video back into a blank line didn’t work. I ended up having to revert to an earlier saved version of my post just to go back to the default font color and get my video to show.

    3. Is it the case that (at least in Bueno) if I edit to change the font color (to make it darker) that I’m not going to be able to embed any videos???

    I was really liking Bueno, too! (still working on this ‘mirror blog’)

    The blog I need help with is


    The site linked to your username is using Mistylook.

    What site are you talking about?



    sorry, it’s set to private, because it’s just a temporary mirror blog I’m experimenting with before I officially switch from Mistylook.
    I picked that blog on the dropdown for what blog I was having difficulty with, that doesn’t associate it with my gravatar on this question? my name on that blog is crickmore.wordpress instead of loopbraider.wordpress.

    But it must be the standard text color for Bueno. Sort of gray. Is that really how people like to read? Gray font on a white background?


    No, that dropdown is only for the supportbot to help determine if people are in the correct forum or not. In the past, before the bot, sometimes up to half the questions posted in these forums was from people in the wrong forums (self-hosted).

    Bueno has no background for the widget area, and that limits what you can do as far as overall background colors and still have the text in the sidebar legible. The theme designers choos the colors that they use. Some go for higher contrast, and some go for less contrast. I guess it depends on how good their eyes are. Either that or whether they have at least a general graphic design background.

    To change the colors with Bueno would require the Custom Design Upgrade (CSS). Most people end up putting a white background with a border to match the background on the posts behind either the widgets, or the entire sidebar.


    Since your blog is set to private, we can’t see what you’ve done. So:
    a) When you say “editing the font to a dark color in my editor”, do you mean the CSS editor or the HTML post/page editor? Do you have the Custom Design upgrade?
    b) What exactly did you try? Paste the code here between backticks (see below the Reply field if you’re not sure what backticks are).



    Well, since I already reverted to a previously saved version of the post, the text color edit isn’t visible on my blog anymore, anyway.

    I don’t have CSS. (doubt I would be able to deal with it)

    All I did was (in the post editor–is that html?) select text, click on the font color choice icon, and click on “dark olive”. then updated/ saved which was a mistake.

    Then my video was gone, leaving a url in its place (I actually didn’t notice that right away, so am assuming that’s when it happened–I went back and forth for a while trying other dark colors than dark olive).

    One of my questions is pretty simple though–how do I change BACK to the default text color if I have changed the color? I think this has come up for me in other themes too–it really doesn’t seem very obvious how to do it if the default color doesn’t look completely black. In that little text-editing tool in the editor there isn’t a “default” color choice.



    To change the colors with Bueno would require the Custom Design Upgrade (CSS). Most people end up putting a white background with a border to match the background on the posts behind either the widgets, or the entire sidebar

    So I would need CSS to put a white background behind the just the widgets or sidebar?



    changed setting for the blog to public temporarily:


    • To put a white background behind the widgets you would need the paid Custom Design upgrade. But the way the theme is designed it wouldn’t look very good. You’d rather change the font color of the widgets.

    • The color tool of the Visual editor is only for changing words or phrases inside a paragraph, not the whole text of a post. To change back to the default text color (and get your video back), switch the editor to HTML and delete all of these:
    <span style="color:#WHATEVER_NUMBER_HERE;">
    and all of these:

    • To change the color of the whole text, you need to paste this at the very beginning of the post (in the HTML editor):
    <div style="color:#222;">
    and this at the very end:
    The 222 I’ve set is very dark grey. You can set a different color, of course. Palettes and color numbers here:



    Wow, thanks, panos this is really great to know…will go try right away!

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