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    I really need to change the color of the text I have on my header image. It doesn’t show up at all. I can’t figure out how to change the color.

    The blog I need help with is


    Good morning –

    I’m happy to help you get things situated on the site. After taking a look, I can definitely see what you mean about the text.. It’s near impossible to read on a busy background image.

    My suggestion is to use that header image somewhere else in your site. Replace it with a simpler image that your text tagline can be read across. This is going to be the easiest option.

    For example, you could add that header image as a featured image to the Home page, and include that site tagline information there as well.

    That page is currently blank ^

    I noticed that you have a “blog” page linked in the menu, but the posts aren’t currently configured to be published on that page. Currently, the posts are published to the front page of the site – this is the first page folks see when visiting your site in their browser. This is the default set up.

    Take a look at these instructions which will help you get a better idea about those details:

    If you want to set up a “Home” page and a separate “Blog” page, I can help you. Write back with any other questions about this.

    The last option would be to use a different theme, all together. Those are at You may find one that uses the site title/tagline in a different location in the header space instead of being straight overtop of that image. All of the content will remain if you decide to change themes, just the appearance is affected.

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