Font Color Problems in Caroline Theme

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    Hey guys,

    So I am new to blogging. And everything has been going great so far. But there is a post I just published and the font color for it is all screwed up – some is in white (which is what I want and is the color for all the other posts) and some is in magenta (making it very difficult to read).

    My blog address is: and my theme is Coraline. Any help would be much appreciated :)

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m assuming that you already highlighted all the text and clicked the text color button for white?

    If you did and you are still having this problem, you’ll have to switch to the Text Editor tab and look for all the places where there’s a mention of SPAN STYLE and remove them.

    To me it looks like you’ve copied and pasted from an external word processing program, which can inject all kinds of junk in your code. If you want to use such a program, you’ll need to use the “Paste as Text” or “Paste from Word” buttons in the Visual Editor. See this Support doc:


    Thank you so much.. I don’t have much knowledge of the code and stuff so I didn’t mess around with that. I tried “Paste as Text” but problem still didn’t go away.

    For right now, I just changed everything to white so all the text became black… guess that’s ok. Again, thank you for your help :)



    To get rid of all the wrong code that creates the color changes you can select all in the Visual editor and click the “Remove Formatting” button.
    There’s one wrong piece of code that won’t disappear this way, so after you click that button you’ll need to switch the editor to Text and remove these from around the first two paragraphs:

    <p align="right">

    Then you switch back to Visual, add the underlining again and click Update.

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