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Font control using "CSS" versus the "Fonts" Section

  1. I need help changing my fonts using the "CSS" tab rather than the "Fonts" tab in the Appearance section. I do not like any of the options available in the fonts section but want to control them using CSS instead, but, so far, I've found that the Fonts section overrides the other. Very frustrated!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, the Fonts section overrides CSS. That is why we never recommend hand-coding the font. You're going to have to hand-delete all that customization.

  3. We once had a guy who hand coded every paragraph so it was white text. Then he switched to a theme with a white background. Imagine what he had to go through!

  4. Okay, okay. I see why it'd be easier to change fonts using the "Fonts" section. :P BUT... If I insist on doing things the hard way...

    I've been able to change the "menu" and "entry title" fonts on my own with little problem. What I don't understand is why, even when I change the font in the "Site Title" section, nothing happens?

    I just want to be able to use a different font for my blog title and sidebar (date, categories, etc.) than for each individual posting. And all I want to use are very basic fonts: Tahoma and Palatino Linotype.

    This is what my customized CSS looks like:

    #site-title {
    font-family:"Palatino Linotype", "Book Antiqua", Palatino, serif;

    But "Oswald," Helvetica, Arial, San-Serif is what shows up on my screen. :/

  5. This might be a lead....
    Multiple word fonts need quote marks.

    Note: If the name of a font family is more than one word, it must be in quotation marks, like font-family: "Times New Roman".


  6. Oh shoot, you already had the quotes. Should have read more and puzzled less. Sorry

  7. No problem. Thanks for your input, anyway!

  8. I checked just now and I see you currently have the following CSS saved for the site title:

    #site-title {
    	font-family:"Palatino", serif;

    That CSS does appear to work. I tested out the example you posted earlier, and that also worked for me. It's possible that *if* you had left one of the Fonts page selections in place, that was overriding your CSS before (I'm not sure what your settings were when you first wrote in). Please post another reply here if you are still having trouble.

  9. Thanks everyone for your help. I started my CSS from scratch and fixed the problem (I think). So I guess you could say this issue is resolved.

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