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    I just moved my blogging to and I’m using the Cutline 1.02 template. I don’t know jack about CSS but I’d be willing to buy access to the CSS code just to do one thing – append some code to change the base font throughout from “Times New Roman” to “Tahoma” – or anything sans-serif. Is there a simple “even the brain dead could do it” code snippet to do that? I handy with HTML, but have never done CSS work at all.

    The blog is at



    For cutline, it should be the following:

    body, blockquote {
    font: “Tahoma”;

    I think that’s all you would need, at least right off. The h tags also have font declairs that you could also change. The footer and comments as well. Here’s your CSS file. Should be as simple as that. Do a search through the file for ‘font:’ to see where the declairs are.


    always, always use font-family, so you can specify a fall-over font. not every machine in the world has tahoma installed (okay, it’s a substantial percentage, but still).

    body {
    font-family: "Tahoma", san-serif;


    *chuckle* The designer didn’t. :)


    he did add serif as a fallover, though.

    the preference for -family might be archaic. fallovers are not.


    Thanks folks –

    I used

    body {
    font-family: “Tahoma”, san-serif;

    and it works fine. I’ll choose another font if I must when I look at it on other machines.

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