Font displays properly in Chrome, not Firefox

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    I have the category cloud widget (“The Hellbox”) on my home page, and in CSS have tried to code the content to display in Palatino instead of the Museo Sans used elsewhere. Viewed in Chrome, it looks fine. However, in Firefox, it still displays in Museo Sans. I understand browsers can and do interpret code differently, and this is a niggling little annoyance that my readers probably haven’t noticed. However, if it’s a simple fix, I’d like to get the more decorative Palatino stack to show in Firefox. Thanks in advance for any help on this.

    The blog I need help with is


    It looks like the Chrome browser is letting you get away with a little less specific CSS than Firefox will. Changing the selector from “.widget_tag_cloud” to “.widget_tag_cloud a” should fix it.



    Thanks! That worked. However, now it ignores the text-align: center and has reverted to the default align left. I can live with that, with the widget in its current location. I did have it in the featured position spanning the two right columns, and center aligned looked better there.

    (As you might have guessed, my CSS has all been learned by trial and error, so I don’t always understand why something works or doesn’t work.)

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