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Font doesn't display @-sign

  1. I have installed the great theme retro-fitted. In the name of my website I use the @-sign. Unfortunately, The font of this theme dowsn't display it. Any way to workaround this.
    Blog url:

  2. Hi there,

    Thanks for your report. We're looking into this, and will get back to you once we have an update! :-)

  3. Hi karenmvo,

    We've released an update for Retro Fitted. We had to substitute the font with a similar font because the previous font only had poor character support. Now the theme displays correctly @ mark and many more characters the previous font didn't support.

    As mentioned above, the font is no longer the same and it's slightly different look. We understand this might cause some confusions for some users but we believe this is the best interest of the majority user.

  4. Hi,

    Thank you for your answer and the modifications. However I am clueless as to how to update my theme. I've tried to re-install it, but this doesn't change anything to the font issue. Should I be waiting a little longer?

  5. You can't install themes at

    Do you mean you just tried reactivating it?

    If so, would you please try clearing your browser's cache?

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