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Font formatting not showing up in post

  1. Bold, italics.... The tags are in the HTML, it shows up in the preview screen, but when I publish the post, it's all just normal text.

    Is this a WP problem or just with my template?

  2. Yep, I am having the same problem.
    Bolds not showing up for posts and pages.
    I just we should just wait... Or maybe send a feedback...

  3. Hmm... I have no right to give suggestions but ah well ^^. I had the same problem as you but now mine is fixed. You have to implement the tags used for WordPress e.g. <strong> for bold text instead of <b> and <em> for italics. They should work.

  4. Hey byakuya, it worked. Thanks alot. But it has to be manually done...

  5. so what do you suggest, when suddenly ALL THE TEXT in some of my posts has turned into BOLD and I have NOTHING to do with that??? I haven't been able to change it and I don't want to copy>delete>paste the text again because it would change the date also.

    Guys, N O T H I N G WORKS IN THIS PLACE. It would be tolerable if the people would bather to give at least SOME KIND OF ANSWERS to the problems that so much of the users are having all the time, but... ah. I love the themes in wp & at the moment it seems to be the only thing that keeps me blogging in here. sorry my burst out but... uh! :OI

  6. @ waffle
    No problem. Yeah, that's the troublesome bit. Well, you don't really need to type in the tags manually. You can disable the rich text editor and just post as you normally do. Even without the editor, you can highlight your text and apply the text formatting tags as usual by clicking on the buttons displaying them in the posting page (The buttons are right above the post box). I disabled my editor anyway just so I can see what tags I'm using, and to make sure the text will appear as I want them to. I don't trust the editor after a similar experience...

  7. peacepa - sorry you're having problems, but I and the other admins are working on them, and replying here when we can!

  8. Peacepa - I wonder if you've missed a closing "strong" tag in oneof your posts and that is throwing the rest out?

    Straws, clutching at...

  9. thank you donncha :O), that was the first life sign that I've personaly seen here. :OD It's good to know that some one actually READS the support site tho the answers don't come so quickly I see. :O)

    Anyways, cornell I don't think I've missed a closing: I never write like "click B> write the text >click B" but I always paint the text that I want to be bold and only then click the B. So it gives both opening & closing automaticaly. someone had suggested to someone else that it's due to a gif-photo. When I deleted my newest text (that had gif-smilies)and then pasted it again and saved it looked ok but 3-4 texts BEFORE that were all still totally bold....

    All these problems here just give the fear that one day really every thing is missing and well, it's not so neat either if the bugs concern e.g. IE browser and the text just doesn't look like it was written, as all the bolds and italics in the text usually have a strong purpose. :OI

    Anyways, thanks to donncha again for waving your hand & giving the sign that someone actually reads these posts. :O) I'll try not to complain anymore, just tell if something doesn't work.... :OX ;O)

  10. I have the same problem and I noticed that it only occurs with the "regulus 2" theme. What is strange is that all was ok with this theme a few days ago :-/

  11. Is this fixed or not...?

  12. No and it happens now with all themes :-/

  13. I can't seem to change the size of the fonts as well. HTML or no. This is pretty frustrating.

    Anyone know of a *good* blogging service that doesn't go wrong? I love LJ but hate the community, and I've tried Blogger, Typepad - all too riddled with problems to do any good. Oh, and the themes here are so few it's pathetic.

  14. @ osasa
    If you are posting by copying and pasting from microsoft Word then you will have a problem with the formatting being removed
    If you post by copying and pasting from a plain text editor like Notebook you will not have the same problem.
    There are two methods of changing fonts. If you purchase the css customization upgrade and do the work yourself you can change the font throughout your entire blog. If you do not purchase the upgrade then this is your alternative which is found in the FAQs
    If you are not clear on the use of the visual rich text editor then first check here -> Users -> Profile and confirm that the checkbox for the visual rich text editor has been marked. Then click "Update Options" to save. Note also that clicking icon #16 will reveal an advanced toolbar

  15. many offline blog authoring applications (including MS Word'07) allow to modify font size and all that stuff in the 'visual' mode. some commercial, some free.

    admittedly, they produce a 'tag soup' to achieve that but no more than TMCE.

    there must be entries on .com FAQ blog and .org Codex on XML-RPC; I liked Post2Blog.

  16. dupe removed -- options.

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