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font has changed

  1. I posted this 10 hours ago and can't access it (when I sleep America is awake). - my font has changed for all previous posts, and looks really akward. I posted a new post and it returned to default, but all previous posts aren't. I've tried but can't change it back to default?

  2. Usually it is because you have imported some codes (<xxxx>) in a copy/paste maneuver. You fix that by clicking the option "Code" on top of the post-writing box and delete the code language.

    So go to the post on the blog itself and click edit. And then "Code".

    But I can't figure out why it is going on in all post. That should not be possible?

  3. I assume you mean the font in this post:
    All your other posts look okay to me using Firefox on a Mac.

    I see the following in the HTML of that post:
    <span style="font-family:Georgia;">

    If you go to edit the post (Dashboard->Manage->Posts->Edit), and you click on the Code tab, do you see the above tag anywhere? You can just take it (or them) out, and you should be okay.

  4. Qualified answer, judyb! :-D)))

  5. All fixed. Thanks heaps for the help I'm really impressed with wordpress.
    cheers from the centre of Australia.

  6. you're welcome :)

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