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    I posted this 10 hours ago and can’t access it (when I sleep America is awake). – my font has changed for all previous posts, and looks really akward. I posted a new post and it returned to default, but all previous posts aren’t. I’ve tried but can’t change it back to default?


    Usually it is because you have imported some codes (<xxxx>) in a copy/paste maneuver. You fix that by clicking the option “Code” on top of the post-writing box and delete the code language.

    So go to the post on the blog itself and click edit. And then “Code”.

    But I can’t figure out why it is going on in all post. That should not be possible?



    I assume you mean the font in this post:
    All your other posts look okay to me using Firefox on a Mac.

    I see the following in the HTML of that post:
    <span style="font-family:Georgia;">

    If you go to edit the post (Dashboard->Manage->Posts->Edit), and you click on the Code tab, do you see the above tag anywhere? You can just take it (or them) out, and you should be okay.


    Qualified answer, judyb! :-D)))



    All fixed. Thanks heaps for the help I’m really impressed with wordpress.
    cheers from the centre of Australia.



    you’re welcome :)

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