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    I’m trying to change the font of the title and I can’t find the selector for it. Out of practice with CSS its totally changed over the years. I’ve managed to change the font of the headers, but I think that is just luck. I have a kit ID not sure how to use it. I’ve tried to add selectors but they don’t show up. HELP.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hey there,

    Are you changing them in Dashboard/Appearance/Custom Appearance/Fonts? If not, give that a try.

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    Using a kit ID is a little different than the built in Custom Fonts selector that comes with the Custom Design upgrade. I would recommend starting with the normal mode at Appearance → Custom Design → Fonts if that will work for you.

    Or if you want to stick with advanced mode, try using “.hentry .entry-title” as your selector to change post title fonts for the Origin theme via a Typekit Kit Editor.


    P.S. Your blog looks great btw!



    Thanks a lot for the help. One more question how do you know which selector is used and/or how do you assign a selector?



    Thanks for the compliment too.


    One more question how do you know which selector is used and/or how do you assign a selector?

    The easiest way to see what selector is being used, you can right-click on the title in a modern browser and choose the “Inspect Element” option. It will show you the HTML for whatever you clicked on and all of the CSS that applies to it. If you see a font or font-family rule for the thing you clicked on, that’s the thing to use. Sometimes you have to click around a little to find it (i.e. if the font is set on an a element inside an h2 element).

    To assign a selector via a Typekit Kit Editor (which is the advanced font mode in and also requires a separate Typekit subscription), you need to open the Kit Editor in your Typekit account over at and enter the selector into the kit.

    Here’s an example of what the selector field looks like over at

    Here is a related help document from the site:

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