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    hello everybody, i’m brand new to the community and i was wondering if you guys could help me out.

    i started a blog with a couple of friends and we just started posting today. however, when one posts something new, the font from the post below automatically changes.

    does anybody know the reason?

    the url is
    thanks, people!



    You’re using the theme ‘Treba.’ After the first post, the font size decreases. It’s just how the theme is built.

    I’d switch to another theme.



    You can change the font size by clicking on code while you write a post, the <font size = 1 (or what ever) will be there – the close will be at the end of the text < /font > if you write the whole post, assuming you want to keep that theme, you cut and paste the close to the end of the post and save. You can then change back and publish the post.

    Hope that helps. :)


    There are two ways to change font size. The first is to purchase a css upgrade and change it throughout the theme. The second does not require a css upgrade but must be done on every post

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