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Font on Silver is the New Black

  1. Okay, I had CSS for a while but have never been able to figure out how to change the font color of the theme "Silver is the New Black. Because I want a black background with white text, and green links and borders. I'm not the best with CSS so, can someone let me know the code to change the main font color.

  2. find anything in your css that says either

    font: something;
    color: something;

    and change them and see what happens.

  3. Ok. Find the box that you want to alter. Lets say its called 'nav_box', then you want to find in the css code something that looks like:


    then you type in the following in between the brackets:

    e.g. for #nav_box type:

    /** Create background color, font colors, and border **/
    border: 2px solid #353535;

    /** Turns link text green **/
    #nav_box a{

    /** Turns text light grey when mouse hovers over link **/
    #nav_box a:hover{

  4. Sorry, if you wanted grren borders change the border line to:
    border: 2px solid #00ff00;

  5. Aw, Lee, you broke the first rule of the CSS forum: Never give code to a penguin, it spoils all the fun!

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