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Font Problem

  1. hello i have a problem with all the fonts in my posts.
    my blog is .
    Blog is in greek language and the problem is in greek fonts.
    General Options Language : el
    dashboard - options - reading : utf-8

    i can't understand what happened ? any help pls ?

    thanks in advance..

  2. use a 'Feedback' input form -- it is internal database encoding problem.

  3. I have the same problem too!
    my blog...

  4. Honesty - See the post above yours. :)

  5. I've saw that post, and already sent a feedback.
    But I thought I should do everything to let them know this problem! :p
    Now I have received a letter from Podz, it says "It'll be fixed as soon as possible." :P

  6. Thanks Options for the tip . It seems the Visual Rich Text Editor not working very good with greek fonts.... i temporarily disable it Dashboard - Users - Your Profile (scroll down). An alternative solution that support is interesting ! :-) hope it helps.

    respect John

  7. John (disconnected), problem of rendering international symbols is not related with a 'Visual Rich Text Editor' (TinyMCE), which is responsible just for input of such. also, it's not generally related with fonts used.

    as I already stated above, I assume that during upgrade/repair/etc some cluster of blogs has been transfered into a database which accidently has been created not in the 'utf-8' CHARACTER SET (as it must be in the case), but rather generic 'latin-1' (which is setup defaults for the DBMS used by wordpress).

    question marks in the diamonds instead of international characters is a sure sign of it.

    all that further hype with lost blogs' content is probably related with attempts to restore last (properly encoded) backed up entries to new DB(s) which in its turn could cause another major fault.

    well, running an online service with 1,000s users is a very_hard_task.

  8. Thanks for options' great explaination!
    I really love! Thanks for their hard working !!!

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