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Font Problems

  1. I am having problems changing the font size on my blog - I know enough HTML etc to do this competently - for God's sake I maintain my own website - but everytime I add the HTML to change the font size the editor just arbitrarily removes it. I have tried this using both <span blah blah blah></span> and using <p style="blah blah blah"> and every time it just gets wiped out and I am left with the default font size, which is a bit on the small side for my taste.

    Help! Anyone! PLEASE!

  2. Did you try the <font> tag? :)

    You may have to switch over to the normal text editor instead of the rich text editor to use it.

  3. Nope that doesn't work either, just sits there and nothing changes! Have tried using points, ems, %'s nothing changes...

  4. Strange, works for others. It's been talked about many times in this forum. You are using the normal text editor and not the rich text one?

  5. Yes I switched off the Rich Text Editor as you suggested. I have some time today adn will play around and see if I can figure it out, it just doesn't seem to be a happy bunny with html...

  6. OK problem solved <font> works in the normal editor but only if it is inside the paragraph tag, if it is outside the paragraph tag it has no effect at all; something I should have known anyway, sorry for the trouble.

  7. Yes... the same problem: when i posted my last text, the font changed (well, only the size)!! That's a really problem since i needed to try whith other templates and, at the end, to return to my original... i think i need to wait for some days for see the good font size of my blog... ahh, the danger of free-bloging-world :(

  8. Same. Not just the posted text, but the theme text as well went up a few notches, so it isn't the theme determining the size in the normal way.

  9. Please read the posts above. :)

  10. well, i guess i'm either too dumb for the above posts or there is no way to change font in the Comments. I cannot resize text in Comments.
    obviously i tried all the above suggested methods - <span style=..>, <p style=..> and <font> tags, but none of them worked - even when inside tags and visual rich editor turned off. are comments not resizeable at all (apart from the inaccessible CSS)?
    or am i doing it wrong? neither of these work -
    <span style="font-size : x-large;">very small text</span><br />
    <font size=+1>very small text</font><br />
    oh and btw, i should probably mention this is on a wordpress blog hosted on and not my own site. (maybe it doesn't make a difference?)

  11. We try to keep the and the blogs seperate. (Some of us think we're better then they are and then their are people like myself who do both. :) )

    I was thinking that everything was pretty much stripped out of comments but I just tried it and that's not occuring. Try using the font tag inbetween a pair of p tags and see if that helps. STYLE is stripped for security reasons though. Note sure about SPAN.

    If font sizes are that important to you, you would be better off with a self hosted blog though. Gotta admit that I've never seen anyone have an issue with font size in a comment. (No offense) Is this for your blog or for comments left on other blogs?

  12. well... i'll try those commands next time. i'm not obsessed with fonts and all that stuff, but in others servers this doesn't occur. anyways, the font size problem was solved automatically after some days. Thanks for your answer!

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