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    I have problem on my website
    I switched fonts in style.css to Arbel font.
    After this changes its showing correct font when I open website on my desktop but when I check it on mobile its showing totally different font.

    What happening what did I mess up.
    Can someone help me??



    Hi @h00tdog,

    When I view your site on both mobile (iPhone) and Desktop (Chrome & Firefox) I do not see the Arbel font on either, the only font shown to me is the one you have used for your titles and menu options and a sans-serif font. Screenshot:

    If you font you want to use, Arbel, in this case, is not a standard web font you will need to either find a usable web font for it or to convert Arbel to a web font (But only if the font license allows for this type of use)

    If you would like to convert the font to a web font for use on your blog you can click on this link for a guide on how to do that:

    Alternatively, you can look for a web-safe alternative using this guide:
    If none of the fonts available here is to your liking then I would recommend looking at the Google Web Fonts available for use here:
    To make use of these fonts you can use the information from the link above on how to use web fonts in your website.

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