Font problems (what else?)

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    I am creating my text in a word processor and when I import it looks strange. What is the default font I should be using, or is there a font stripper I can use?



    (1) The fonts your posts display in are coded into the themes we use. Without a css upgrade you cannot change them to become “automatically” displayed in another font. You can only change the font posts by post. It’s tedious and it’s easy to forget to use a close font tag </font>which can negatively affect your other blog contents.

    (2) Setting that aside, are you by chance using Word rather than a plain text editor?
    Take note of the advanced tool bar icon 16 f

    I hope this helps but if this explanation is not helpful then please post again. :)


    I’m not always online and often must compose in Word. Is there a font stripper available?



    I am not aware of any font stripper.
    I am aware that wordpress software is stripping the microsoft formatting extras included in your Word copy and paste posts.
    I am also aware that you can copy and paste from Word and then use icon 16 F on the advanced toolbar in th editor to clean up the code.

    If you wish you can use a free offline blog editor like Windows Live Writer or Blogdesk, etc. to compose your posts in and to upload them into your blog.

    I hope this information is helpful but if not perhaps some other blogger can make other suggestions. :)


    I just learned something of interest. Take your formatted code and paste it into the box with “visual” selected and all the tags come with it. But first select the “code” option and then paste it and all of the tags are removed. Case solved.



    Thanks for posting your solution. :)



    Not all of the tags. We get vast numbers of questions from people who manage to paste the opening tags, but not the closing ones, and thus mess up their entire blogs.

    To strip fonts, I recommend pasting it into Notepad and then copying from there.


    Thanks much, folks.



    You’re welcome and happy blogging. :)

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