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Font Questions

  1. Hi again guys! This time I'm playing around with my font sizes and was able to increase my font size within posts (beyond what the custom CSS box will allow me to do) using CSS code. I was wondering if there is a better code that would allow for more fine tuning of the font size, as currently it looks a little large but the next step smaller looks a little small.

    Also, how do I increase/decrease the font size in the widget column in addition to the main post area?

    Lastly, is there a code that will justify all text throughout the entire blog?

    Thanks for your help, again,


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please disregard the font size questions, I'm happy with the font size throughout. The only thing I'm looking for is code to justify all post text throughout the blog.


  3. Bump, does anyone know what piece of code will justify all text throughout my blog?


  4. Hey again guys, I know you asked me not to bump threads but I have a feeling this one fell through the cracks. Just trying to find code to justify all text throughout the blog.

    Thanks again,


  5. Hi there - to justify text on your post excerpts, as well as post and page content, try this:

    .entry-summary, .entry-content {
    	text-align: justify;

    If you wanted to justify more than those elements, use a browser inspector to identify the element, then add the element to the code above, separated by a comma. Classes start with a dot, and IDs start with a #.

    Learning how to target your site's CSS will help you make certain design and layout changes. Here are some very helpful posts that will help you customize your site with CSS:

    If CSS is new to you, here are some resources for learning more about it:

  6. Excellent and thank you for all of the information! I really did try to figure this one out on my own but couldn't get it to work. Thanks again.

  7. You're very welcome - glad that did the trick.

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