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Font Size

  1. Could you please consider adding an easy way to change the font size to our posts? I see that we can bold and italicize, so perhaps it wouldn't be too hard to also change the size?

  2. Just use the font tag. :)

  3. Okay, I went to FAQ, and searched for font tag, but nothing came up. I've looked for something that will allow me to change font size, but I can't find it. I know how to do this in html, but it doesn't seem to be working. Can you point me to the font tag?

  4. If you're using the font tag (ie <font size="2">This is some random text</font>) already and you say it's not working, the theme may be overriding the text size that you want. This has been discussed many times already here.

  5. Isn't the font tag not w3c compliant or something? I think it's supposed to have been replaced by the style:... attribute. Someone who's smarter can give a better explanation.

  6. yep, it is deprecated in favor of CSS attrib (moreover <font> attribs invalidates a feed) but...

    no another facility to change a typeface height here yet.

    the same goes to image aligning etc.

  7. Agreed but what works, works. :)

  8. That's true Mike, but god forbid we actually do something to make something work right but break the validation for the page/feed! ;)

  9. it is not the God, cornell, it's people who work on standards in cometees like W3C, and they aren't "forbiding" -- just do not recommend (got the difference?) to use them because that *deprecated* soon becomes an *obsolete*.

    *obsolete* means "there is no guarantee of support by a user agent".

    in other words, using a deprecated today, means getting an unrenderable (non readable) content tomorrow -- monkey business.

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