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Font size

  1. My font size suddenly went smaller in my last post. How can I increase it?

  2. A link would help since you're linking to your cafepress site....

  3. My first guess would be that you need to go into edit the post, select the "code" window and remove the font tags. Give us a link to the post and we can look at it.

  4. Provided it's not a private blog, if you'd like us to help you then posting a link to your blog is always a good idea. Also posting a link to the post in question would be extremely helpful.

  5. Who hooo - 3 in one.

  6. Never mind. I found it.

    Take a look at your posts. In your most recent one, you're using font tags. Before that, you weren't.

    Probably best bet would be to remove the font tags from your most recent post.

  7. @ozrisk and drmike
    *lol* I take it that we three are all disinterested in blogging today, eh?

  8. I think it's time for a new rule.

    If you don't provide a link to your blog, you have to sing old Boy George songs at WordCamp. ;)

  9. GAWD! Does anyone actually admit to knowing any of those "tunes"?
    That being said, I'll learn how to sing every one of them, if and only if I get a free return trip to Wordcamp in SanFrancisco.

  10. @timethief
    Just killing some time sitting in an airport lounge in Dubai. My flight is not until 02:35

  11. Shall I hum a few bars of Karma Chameleon? It should be safe at this distance.

  12. A trip to Dubai sounds bloggable to me but I'd be careful about your humming choices. I always assume an extremely low profile at airports.

  13. Thanks for the help!

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