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    why did my font size change? i can turn the words pink, but i can’t fix the size. what!
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    The blog I need help with is



    These are 3 ways to change fonts on blogs.
    (1) Changing font families, colors and size in text in posts or pages either post by post or page by page by coding into the HTML (Text) editor.

    (2) Changing font colors in text in posts or pages either post by post or page by page using the #4 icon (Select text color – change the text color) in Row 2 the Visual editor.

    (3) Changing all font families, colors and sizes throughout the whole blog by purchasing an annually renewable Custom Design upgrade and using Typekit Fonts with Staff support.

    Note: A few themes do provide for changing font color in the Blog Title and/or optional Tagline and/or links. In the majority of themes font changes to font families, colors and size in the blog title, tagline, menu, post titles, page titles, categories and tags, widget headings, comments, and links cannot be done without CSS editing.


    has word press gotten too big too busy to help. too lazy, so now they except the ‘community’ to resolve all problems now.



    I answered your 5 minutes after you posted this thread. That’s an amazing time-frame to get a first response on any blogging support forum. The common time-frames is 12 – 24 hours until a first response and no bumping your own thread until after 24 hours with no response.

    Think about that please because most of the regular Volunteers answering questions here have been doing so long before the Staffers even worked here. For example, I have been answering support questions here for over 6 years now. When I began there was a single support Staff, a single Moderator and a single thread on the single support forum that had FAQs in it.

    The response time on this community support forum is outstanding.
    The accuracy of the answers Volunteers provide is excellent. If there are any
    lazy” people here then I would put long time bloggers who fail to use search utilities and support docs to find answers to questions that have been asked and answered many time over on your list – not Staff and not us Volunteers. Most long time bloggers don’t have the brash it takes to post a thread, get an answer within 5 minutes and then minutes later post negative stuff about Staff like you did.

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