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    I’m using a modified Tarski and I’m new to CSS. I want to make the text of each of my blog posts bigger. How do I do that? What do I need to change in CSS?

    The blog I need help with is


    We need a link to the blog please.



    <div style="font-size:14px !important;">

    Replace 14 for your prefer size :D



    Yeah i see. have 2 modes:

    <div style="font-size:14px !important;">

    Apropriated for texts

    <span style="font-size:14px !important;">

    Apropriated for words



    That’s crazy small. Adjust it here:

    body {
        font-family:Times New Roman,sans-serif;

    My suggestion is to use em units instead of px. px is an absolute (dependent only on the monitor dpi which is either 72 or 96). Using points for text height is also not recommended. Points are for print media. em units are a percentage of the parent text height. In other words, 1.2em will make the text 120% the size that it was. It’s a much better way to do things with font sizing on web pages and in CSS.


    So where in the CSS text do I find the right em units I want to change?




    In body, at the start of CSS, put font-size:15px before } ;)


    If you just want the text of post to be larger, add this to your CSS (assumes you are using the “add to existing stylesheet…” option):

    .post-content p {

    1.1 seems a good size, but you can play with it. You can also use two digits after the decimal point such as 1.15em.


    Sacredpath, is there any particular place where I’m supposed to put that in the CSS? I mean I’ve been futzing with the CSS so the whole thing is in the stylesheet editor right now.


    The just go to ” .post-content p ” and add the font-size line to it. Also, if you have the entire CSS stylesheet pasted in there, make sure that you have selected “Start from scratch and just use this” otherwise strange things can happen.


    Okay cool. Okay path, I’m having one more problem. I’m now having trouble changing the blockquote color. Where is that?


    Wait nevermind. I got it. All is well in the universe :)

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