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    Got two questions for you :)
    First I would like to know how you could change the font size of the text on pages and posts?
    Second: is there any way to remove the comment section from the posts and pages sites?


    Hi ordkraft,

    To change the default size of the font on pages and posts you would need to purchase the Custom Design upgrade for your blog, but if you want to change a font size in an individual post you can do so using html code as described in this support doc:

    As for comments, yes, there is a way to remove the comment section from posts and pages. If you would like to disable comments from all new posts, go into your dashboard to


    and you will see the first item is “Default Article Settings.” Uncheck the third box and you will remove the comments section from all new posts and pages. If you decide you want to enable or disable comments from individual posts, you can do so in the discussion module of the post’s edit screen. If you do not see a discussion module on your edit screens, go to the top right where you will see a “Screen Options” dropdown. Check the “Discussion” box there and a module will appear within your edit screen.

    For great support docs with screenshots if you’d like visuals, try these:
    for enabling/disabling comments on all new posts/pages:
    for enabling/disabling comments on individual posts/pages:

    Hope that helps!

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