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Font Size and Style

  1. I've used the Chaotic Soul theme since November '06. The only problem I've had with it is the font of my posts. I like 12 point because it shows up better on the black background than the tiny default, and I like Arial because it is so much cleaner. Anyway, in order to get the font the way I like it, the easiest thing to do is compose in Word and copy over. Then all I really had to do to my text after inserting was insert hyperlinks and enter paragraph breaks, and also align anything that I didn't want to be left justified and do my indents and lists using the editor.

    With the new dashboard, I can still do most of what I want to do, except the font type, not the size, resets to the ugly default. That is, as long as I insert using the good old right click "paste" process. If I use the "paste from Word" provided on the lower toolbar, I lose the font size as well - in fact, I can see no difference between using the "paste from Word" and the "paste as plain text" buttons. The only advantage to using the "paste from Word" button seems to be the retention of paragraph breaks from Word.

    Of course, all would be wonderful if I could choose the font type and size from the editor, then I wouldn't have to use Word at all. While some of the new additions are great (especially the "undo" and block buttons), it would have been nice to have flexibility of fonts, and I was sorry to see spellcheck go away.

  2. I forgot to ask, does anybody know why the new dashboard seems to handle this differently? Is there an easy way for me to get the font size and style I want for my posts, short of going in to HTML and making 2000 changes each time?

  3. I should clarify...I realize that I can do more with my fonts if I buy the CSS upgrade. The big question is why can't I do what I used to do (copy from Word) using the old dashboard without losing my font style?

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