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Font Size Changed. What could be the problem?

  1. The font size of my posts changed. Am wondering if authors have the right to change font sizes or just something went wrong with the theme. Please help me.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have just realized that the title is +10, heading and body text +3. Means something went wrong with the theme. what can I do?

  3. americanyouthsymphony

    All the text on my site just got dramatically larger too. What happened?

  4. Sorry American Youth, I had to salvage my situation by purchasing a new theme. Things were not so rosy. Really affected my traffic.

  5. americanyouthsymphony

    I've edited my CSS so that the site now looks normal, but it was a very odd change to wake up to.

    Any word from the happiness engineers on what caused this?

  6. Hi folks, could you tell us which theme you saw the problem with? And maybe which fonts and sizes? That'll be really helpful to track this down.

  7. Update: tracked it down and fixed the issue (was not theme-specific as I first thought.)

    Thanks for the reports, and sorry for the brokenness. Things should be back to normal now.

  8. Hi Lance

    Can you tell us what caused the problem? Is it something that has happened before? Also do you recommend any outside backup methods? thanks!

  9. Hi blackloveis, first time it's happened and was an accident (my fault in the code). It caused an unwanted change in the Custom Fonts plugin and how it outputs the CSS for the font sizes, the bug caused certain sizes to balloon up or go way down because the calculations were thrown off.

    No backups needed.

  10. Hi Lance,

    thanks for letting us know -- and double thanks for fixing it.

    WordPress support rocks! :-))

  11. americanyouthsymphony

    Thanks for the fix and the explanation!

  12. Thank you Lance. At least you have fixed the problem. We appreciate

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