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Font Size - chunk theme

  1. Today, when i opened my blog (chunk theme) i noticed that the fonts (custom) were bigger than yesterday... and when i tryed to change the size, it weren't changed and stayed the same size. What can i do to reduce the size of it?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have the same problem, I use the Chunk font for my main header and it looks tiny and jumbled.

  3. I have noticed the same issue with Vigilance and I have the custom fonts upgrade, I can't change the size. Staff must be up to something.

  4. I hope so...

  5. Has anyone ever experienced this before on WordPress, the look or fonts changing mysteriously?

  6. I just noticed my fonts and appearance on Nishita has shrunk.
    Can't enlarge heading or text size and I have the custom fonts package.

  7. I have the same problem, which started about 2 am last night

  8. Mine also started today...

  9. It's very frustrating because I have seen a drop in traffic (which may not be due to the tiny fonts but it does make the text blocks harder to read)

    and because no one from WordPress has responded.

  10. Add Bueno to the list. My text for both posts and drop down menu got smaller, as well.

  11. has anyone heard from support?

  12. I found another forum and it was reported that the problem wasn't theme-specific and that the problem was fixed. I had already gone ahead and rebooted both systems and cleared the cache just in case. Then I went into Custom Design and re-saved my fonts and my page is back to normal. Still don't know what happened but I'm glad support fixed it!

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