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    Hi! I want the size of the font for my footer smaller. What do I do?

    The blog I need help with is


    Are you talking about the footer credits on this site: ?

    To me the font is quite small, and with it being a darker grey it almost disappears into the background color so I’m wondering why you want to make it smaller?

    Also, it would require modification of the CSS and that requires the Custom Design Upgrade. Do you have that upgrade?



    When I add the text box for the upper footer, the font is white and too big. I can add something to show you?
    I don’t have the Custom Design Upgrade.


    Ahhh, the footer widget area. Since there was nothing in the footer widget area I assumed that was not what you were talking about.

    Yes, add something to the footer widget area and let me take a look.



    I just added a phrase.



    I’ll leave the phrase. I’m signing out. I’ll check in the morning. Thanx!


    You are putting the text into the “title” field. Leave the title field blank and put it into the body of the text widget and it will be smaller and a medium grey instead of white. If you want it to be white, we can change that with some code in the text widget.



    Never thought of trying that!!! Thanx

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