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Font size in tables

  1. Hi,

    Is there an easy way to change the font size of all text within a table without going through each line of html text and adding the following -

    <p align="center" class="MsoNormal">Country

    Change to -

    <p align="center" class="MsoNormal"><font size=”+1”>Country</font>


  2. usually i just edit a table in microsoft word before copying to paint, saving it as a jpeg image and uploading it to the blog. it beats the complicated html process!

  3. Hi Sulz,

    Cheers for that. Unfortunately I want to put hyperlinks within the table so the jpg solution isn't suitable.


  4. Maybe a h2 or h3 tag before the table might help and a closing one at the end? Both are defined in your style.css file.

  5. Cheers for the reply DrMike.

    I managed to do it in the end with the following simple solution -

    <font size="1">
    Insert table code here

    The font size value can be changed to change size of text.

    Good article for beginners regarding font size below -


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