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font size in widget

  1. Hi,

    I need to change the size/colour of the font in my widgets in reddle theme. I tried the forum but no luck. Perhaps you could help me?

    Also is there perhaps a guide on CSS in particular themes? It would be so much easier for both the users and you :) if we could just consult some sort of manual and work out some problems ourselves instead of hassling you with details like I am having now :)

    Thank you!

  2. Hi bezego, You can completely customize your widget font and color with the Custom Design upgrade: using the Custom CSS feature.

    Most of our CSS support is done in our community forums by both staff and volunteers: -- chances are good someone has modified Reddle there already.

    To learn more about how CSS editing works at, see this help page:


  3. Thank you. I do have a Custom Design upgrade and I did have a look at the sites you mentioned but I have not found answers. I have also checked the forum (the CSS one) and asked my question there. Still no luck. So I am stuck :) Could you steer me through the process?

  4. Can you link to your CSS question here? The conversation can continue there, but just for reference.

  5. Sorry, I am not sure what you mean by linking to my CSS question. If you mean to paste the link here it is:


    thank you! I am looking forward to meeting you there :)

    (if I understood correctly :))

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