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Font Size - Making Consistant throughout blog.

  1. I am trying to reset the font size for the text for my blog which includes multiple posts. I am using Customer Design to change the font. However, the font size seems to vary between posts. It looks like the font type is consistant however.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I will flag this thread so it gets moved to the CSS editing forum for you. Do know that as your blog is "private" and as we don't even know which theme you are editing the CSS on the amount of help you can get will be very limited. Also note that search engines expect certain font sizes to appear in certain places. So from an SEO point of view your aim at font size consistency may have a negative SEO impact.

  3. Your site is set to private which means we volunteers cannot see it so anything we would offer would only be a wild guess in the dark.

    In a situation like this we have to be able to see the site in order to help. Can you temporarily set it to the middle selection at settings > privacy so that we can take a look?

  4. Moved to the CSS forum

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