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    I’m test-driving CSS in the Selecta font, and am getting close to launching my new site. However, the text of the first categories in my category cloud are so large that the tops of the letters are getting cut off.

    Here’s an example:

    Is there a way to make the border under the category cloud title smaller so large text can fit?

    The blog I need help with is


    Have you thought about setting the font size in your category cloud? That widget allows you to set the minimum and maximum percentages of the standard font size.

    Your categories look fine to me on my iPad.


    I’ll try changing the font size. Thanks.

    I didn’t realize that it might be a browser issue. Hmm. I’ll try to view it with different browsers. I’m on a Mac, and it looks incorrect on Safari. Is that what you’re using on the iPad?


    I’m using Safari on my iPad. I am wondering if it is really showing the preview? It shows that on my browser line, but I was unaware that you could send links to the previews.


    The font size is changeable, but in Firefox and Safari, the top of my letters (on the top line of my category cloud) are still getting clipped. Any other ideas? I’m wiling to play around with the CSS, too.


    Can you take a screenshot of what you are seeing and post it on your site somewhere and post the link? It will help us track down where you are needing extra space.


    I took a screenshot, but don’t know how/where to post it. Could I just email it to you?


    I can see the problem when I look at your site (Firefox 14.0.1 on a Mac) – the “f” and “t” and “d” are cut off, and the “i” tittle is sliced, too.

    I’ve narrowed it down for you through Firebug (Firefox browser add-in, it is great), but I do not know CSS well enough to know what you should target, if you want it for all widgets, etc. What you have to change is the overflow property from “hidden” to “visible”: {
    overflow: visible;

    That takes care of it. Hopefully that sets you on the right path… sorry I couldn’t help more.


    LOL, was just getting on notebook to check into this and to look at the site so I could see the problem. I thought maybe it had to do with the widget-title so will play with both of those a bit to see what I can find out.


    Thanks everyone. Now a really simple question: I just take that code above and paste it into the CSS Stylesheet Editor and that’s that? I haven’t purchased CSS yet, so I’m not sure what will become of my CSS codes, but from what I can tell, it’s just a list of little snippets of code, right? Do they need to be in a certain order? How do I tell the code above to work only on the cloud widgets?


    Glub, glub, glub. I’m in over my head. What I find when I inspect the css on the page, I do not find in the stylesheet I am seeing. Can’t find the element that needs the modification.

    Looks like a need for a css happiness engineer who will see it at a glance. Or an volunteer that can see what I should be seeing.

    Somebody bail me out here!


    I wouldn’t purchase the CSS for one change.

    You can get at it by changing the maximum size to ~ 210. Play with that, it may need to be 205, you may be able to go to 212 or so.


    @sensuousinkspiller I had hoped that approach would work in the beginning. On my notebook I do see the problem. Agree that if the font resizing works, that will be the way to go.

    @knowmorerobertmac Here is the information on the Custom Design Upgrade. I agree with sensuousinkspiller about purchasing it for just one change. I think the upgrade is most useful to you if you know a bit of html and css and feel too constrained without it. But I am amazed that the regular volunteers and staff here seem to go above and beyond in trying to help.

    It is $30 per year. And I believe that you get staff support with that, but not seeing that immediately in the write up.

    They are very helpful here in that they will refund your money within 30 days if you find you don’t want or need the upgrade.


    I should make clear that there are other design changes that I’m going to make; this isn’t the only one. I’ll be getting the upgrade regardless.

    I changed the the font size percentage–is that what you meant?–and that solves the problem for now. Thanks!

    I’ve been very thankful to all the help that people offer. It’s a generous community. Thanks again. : )


    You’re welcome, and yes, that is what I meant, the percentage.

    There is staff help with the upgrade, but since I’ve been here (a whole 4 1/2 months!) there has been one staff member answering CSS issues, and she isn’t around as regularly as she had been.

    There is one volunteer who knows CSS inside and out, one who has recently started helping, and that’s about it for a steady presence. I’m teaching myself CSS so I’m reading the posts and trying to learn and help when I can, but my ability is extremely limited.

    Which is a long way of saying… if you don’t know CSS, you have to be really patient to get assistance. I’d suggest searching your theme and the CSS forums, and get an idea of what has been done and is readily available.

    In any event, I’m so glad it is working now! :-)


    Yes, I’ve poked around and picked up stuff here and there.

    Thanks for all your assistance. Take care!

    : )


    I notice that no staffer has yet stopped by to help with your CSS issue. If you do have other questions, perhaps a new post with those questions plus this one, once you activate the CSS upgrade, will catch their attention. I think they had a lot to deal with because I saw responses from one of them on many posts.


    No, not yet, but I think that once the upgrade is on I’ll get more support. Thanks for checking in on me! Much appreciated.


    Hi guys. The original advice to work with the widget settings themselves are best for this particular case in my opinion. :)

    Well done, volunteers! you guys are awesome.

    Aside: note that you can preview CSS changes any time without purchasing by using the Preview button on the Appearance → Custom Design → CSS page.


    Thanks! I agree: the widget settings seem to do the trick.

    And, yes, I’ve been previewing the CSS. Will purchase soon!

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