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Font size question

  1. My font size is bigger on my Home page (Blog posts) than the text on my other pages. Any can't figure out how to make them uniform (all to the bigger font). Thanks of any help.
    Blog url:

  2. That difference in font size appears to be a feature of the Yoko theme.

    You would need to purchase a CSS upgrade:

    If you are comfortable using HTML, then (for free) you could use inline styling on each post or page—easier to make the font on pages larger because you have only a limited number of pages vs unlimited number of posts…

  3. Thanks for the advice. If I'm not comfortable using HTML, is it still possible to make that font bigger? Do you know what language I would need to put in? Thanks.

  4. Here is a model which you type into the html (now called "text") editor:

    div style="font-size:120%;">

    You may want to experiment with the % of the font size to get what you want.

    Easiest to type in all the page content, then add the code above and below as indicated in the model.

    If you are adding pictures, the change of font size may affect how text wraps around them though so if that is a priority for you, then type in the code first. Add all the page content where it says


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