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    CSS is new to me and I tried to change a few things on my blog but I must have made something wrong. My theme is Balaskan and I changed the font and have used Arabic typesetting, which is a small font. I don’t remember but I must have changed the size of the font as well some time ago. It worked well but now when you first come on the blog, the font is really small, almost impossible to read. Then when I click on anything, the normal size comes back and the page is fine! What can I do? Is there a part of the CSS stylesheet devoted to that??? Help :( !!!

    The blog I need help with is


    I checked just now and the font looks good right now, so you may have already figured this out. There are built in tools for changing the font size on the Appearance → Custom Design → Fonts page, so that is the first place to check.

    Beyond that, I would only recommend adding custom CSS if the fonts page doesn’t cover what you need or if you want to change something very specific.



    Thanks for your help, actually the problem stopped as it came, I don’t know how. I couldn’t change the size of the font as it appeared correctly once I had clicked on anything on the page. Weird… Thanks anyway.

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