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Font Size Variations Within Post?

  1. Hi! I love, LOVE my WordPress blog, however, on my last few posts the font size varies from microscopic to the size I opted for when I purchased customized fonts. I've adjusted the size on the Appearance screen to no avail. Please help! What I'm looking for is a consistent font size throughout my posts. Any suggestions? (I've already searched and tried the "generic answers.") This is getting very frustrating. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes. Don't copy-paste copy from non-web-compliant programs like Word, and if you must do it, use the Paste As Text option and/or paste it into the Text editor. The size variations are because of font tags on that section of the text. You should be able to edit them if you click to the Text editor.

  3. Thank you for your swift response, raincoaster! I don't have Word and I don't copy-paste. Just clicked on the Text tab and was confounded. Help? (Didn't see an option to highlight and revise into a consistent size.) Sheesh...

  4. You should see some SPAN tags around the content that is tiny. Just delete them, making sure to delete the opening AND closing tags. If it's not a copy paste then I am not sure how the HTML error would have crept in, unless it has something to do with the image there; the font size is about the size of the caption, isn't it? If you can't see the span tags and it's the same size as a caption, edit the photo in the TEXT editor and strip out everything except the actual img code. The caption, the size, everything. Then Update the post. Then edit the photo to add back in whatever you need; size, caption, etc.

  5. Just spent 10 (15?) minutes editing the font tags in front of each section of text in my post and... the font tags showed up on my draft. Aaarrggh. Spent another 10 (15) minutes deleting them. This is not what I pay extra for! Please help.

  6. have you set the fix errors box ?

    Dashboard >> Settings >> Writing >> WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically >> check the box and save changes

    that should help to keep the span and font tags matched up

  7. You're not paying me: live staff support exists for people with the $300 annual upgrade bundle from 9-5 Monday to Friday when staff are not on a retreat. They are currently on a retreat.

    Now, back to the issue: if you DELETE all span and font tags in the text editor, how can they show up? If the text has no span or font tags, then the text will show as normal.

  8. The small-sized paragraphs are the default on the theme you're using, and the large-sized ones are all enclosed in this (wrong) code:
    <span style="font-size:15.68px;">TEXT HERE</span>
    Did you add these span tags yourself in the Text editor?

  9. Profuse thanks to all of you -- especially you, raincoaster. I truly appreciate your help and didn't mean to sound so crabby. By now you've figured out I'm not fluent in computer-ese. (The Happiness Engineers are well aware of my deficiency; I wish them a relaxing and well-deserved retreat!) That was the first time I ever looked at the Text screen. Scary! (To me.) I don't have a clue how the span tags got in there, but once I calmed down and applied all of your suggestions, they went away. Again, many thanks!

  10. a) Went away? Your latest posts are full of them!
    b) If you didn't add them yourself in the Text editor, then there's only one way they got in there: the way raincoaster mentioned from the start (copypasting from another source into the Visual editor).
    c) One way to correct your latest posts is edit each one, switch the editor to Text (= code), and delete the wrong code manually. Delete this from the start of each paragraph:
    <span style="font-size:15.68px;">
    and this from the end of each paragraph that starts with the above code:
    d) There's also a way you can use to delete all of them at once. But this will also remove the color changes you've made, so you'll have to redo those. Are you interested in this?
    e) After you remove the wrong coding, your posts will all have the "microscopic" font size you don't seem to like. Since you have the Custom Design upgrade, you can change the default font size once for all. But you need to post this question in the CSS forum, not the Support forum.

  11. Thanks, justpi! I'll have to go back and do some editing. (The span tags went away in the one post I tried it on.) I think raincoaster identified the source of the problem -- the font size is the same as the photo captions. In a previous post, I captioned a photo and then decided to delete it. Somehow the "caption size" stuck. (I haven't used copy-paste to write my posts.) Also, thanks for alerting me to the correct forum to ask questions. I admire folks who are comfortable and knowledgeable with the technical side of things! Me, I just muddle along...

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