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font size while viewing

  1. font size

    why does my blog display very small print size on some computers and looks perfectly fine on others. pictures and layouts are all fine, just they typed story and the info on the right hand side is small, very small.
    i dont understand why this is happening.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. In order to begin to help, we'd need to know which browsers/OS you see the small print size in.

    Personally, looking at your site in Chrome 24, FF 18 and IE9 on Win7, everything looks the same and readable.

  3. thank you for your reply. one of the computers has the exact same set up as my laptop, my wifes laptop sees it as very small script. we are running the latest version of explorer and then windows 7.
    im no computer guru so please excuse me for any dumb questions.

  4. No worries!

    Is there a possibility that she's changed the Zoom level on her browser? Hitting Ctrl + 0 should bring it back to the default zoom level.

  5. nope, doesnt seem to be whats going on. i tried that on my work computer that has the same issue, it didnt fix it. its very strange that it only happens on some computers. strange also that the pics and layout are perfect.

    thank you for your suggestions.

  6. So you are seeing the small text only in Internet Explorer 10 (the latest version) and Win7? If there are other browsers/OS involved as well, please list them here.

  7. thats it. all the computers are set up the same with the same programs. that is what is so weird. i just dont understand why.

  8. Could you please make a screenshot of how the site appears with the small font and upload it to your Media Library, so that I can take a look? Here is how to make a screenshot:

    Please also try the combination of Ctrl + / Ctrl - and let me know if it changes the font size at all.

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