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Font Styles

  1. This is a quickie question.

    Am I right when I suppose that I cannot use the

    <font style="font-variant:small-caps">

    tag without the CSS upgrade?

    I tested it and it doesn't seem to work - just wanted to be sure...

    - Biyang Hansen

  2. Changing the font does work

    Maybe it's the font-variant part that's not supported.

  3. I'd suggest you to do it like this:

    <div style="font-variant:small-caps;">
       <p>your text here</p>

    The font tag is deprecated. Also, although you can use it, the WP software will strip out any properties you add to it.


  4. @ katm - yeah I read both faqs before posting but it wasn't clear if the style property was supported.

    @ devblog - thanks alot - that seems to work.

    - Biyang

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