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    How do I change my post(s) font size and style? Thanks for those will reply.




    Wow that was something, but seems as if you have to do all the hard work. Thanks for the tutorial.



    Thanks for providing these instructions. You guys rock. :D

    * cornell
    * drmike
    * options
    * ptvguy



    If you get stuck on a site that has text too small or too large for you, remember that you usually can adjust the size of the text yourself. In IE, it’s View -> Text Size. You can also do it via holding down the CTRL button on your keyboard and spinning your mouse wheel.

    Hope this helps,


    I was wondering if this was theme-dependent? I’m using Binary Moon and it just seems to be ignoring me. ;) This is the page in question, fwiw:



    In your case, yup. Looks like the designer did an override in his CSS file:



    So I guess I’m scuppered then? Thanks for the reply, drmike.



    Pretty much. Breaks accessability guidelines not being able to make fonts larger though. With my hosting, we seem to draw in a larger than normal percentage of those with sight issues so we kind of cater or push for equal accessability. (My eyesight by the end of the day isn’t that great either.) I don’t have Regulus in the WordPress install we do so I never noticed it before. I do use it on my test blog here currently though.

    I don’t know how Matt and crew feel about accessability so you might want to raise the concern in a Feedback with a pointer to this thread. It’s up to you though.


    I did send them one, guess it’d be almost a month ago now.



    Hi I am currently running a Bengali blog on WP. The theme I use is Contempt 1.o.
    Currently the font sizes are too small and while that is ok for English, it makes it
    close to impossible to read Bengali scripts. I have been manually changing the fonts
    everytime I post. However, the comments section does not seem to accept the font tag.
    Thus no one is able to comment in Bengali on the site as the letters turn out to be
    microscopic! Is there any way to get around this? How can I modify font size in the
    comment section? Do I need to change my template? If so, which templates have larger
    fonts? Please help!



    This is just an idea. You may want to establish another blog for testing purposes. Then you could try out all the different themes and see how they look. Once you’ve found a better one you could then change the theme on your main blog.



    You can try sending in a feedback from your dashboard but, since any change would affect everybody, it’s probably not going to occur.

    Do remember though that you should be able to adjust your font size within your own browser. Depending on your browser, you should find this option under the view tab along the top.



    Hi drmike, i have already sent in a feedback form. Will see if I get a reply.
    Yes I do adjust view to read the fonts but it makes it cumbersome for the reader as well as the writer.

    Hi timethief, I think its a good idea. Will try it out. Though I did quite
    like this template :)

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