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    My blog address is If someone could take a look at it and tell me how to fix it I’d be grateful. All of the posts below the top post are suddenly in huge size font. I asked my co-blogger about this, and he said it might be his doing, because he creates his posts in MS Word in larger font sizes and then copies and pastes. But I still don’t understand how the style he uses in his posts could suddenly affect ALL the posts, including mine.

    Any suggestions will be welcome.



    Yep, it’s probably his fault. What happens is that there are unclosed HTML tags in his post; they affect everything in the blog after they happen, so yes, they’ll hit your posts too, and possibly sidebars and footers as well.

    He (or you, but I’d make him do it) needs to go into his posts and clean up the code. You can do this by clicking on the icon on the far right to get the Advanced Toolbar, then clicking the broom icon, to clean up the code.



    I would also suggest recommending to him Blogdesk or Ecto or another offline blog editor. Word is NOTORIOUS for causing this problem. The other programs don’t, and they have more functionality than Word anyway.


    Raincoaster, thank you. You don’t know how much I appreciate your help. Unfortunately, my co-blogger is in Ohio, where they are having an ice storm right now, so he can’t get online. I’m going to start the clean-up, because I’ve got to get it back to looking normal asap.

    Oh, and btw, he promised me he would not use MS Word to create posts again before I even asked him not to. :-)



    I just deleted all of the MS Word coding from all of my co-blogger’s posts, saved each time, and then went and viewed the site. Nothing had changed. The font is still huge. I tried emptying my cache and reloading, but that doesn’t change anything, either.

    I deleted all the bad code manually because I couldn’t figure out how to make that “clean up code” function work. I know the button for it is in the advanced toolbar, but when I highlight the text and click the button, nothing happens.

    So if someone could tell me what I should do at this point to make the font size normal again, and how to use the clean-up code function, that would be great.



    If you go through the posts from his newest backwards one by one, copy all the text in the posts, DELETE it from the post, paste it into Wordpad (Paste Special, Remove Formatting), then copy THAT and paste it in, that should strip out all formatting except paragraph returns. Other than that, I don’t really know what to suggest. You may only have to correct a couple of posts. Clear your browser cache before you check, because you might be looking at an old version of the page, too.



    Just posting that so it’s clickable. Saves time. You can also put your link in your profile under Website and then your name is clickable to your blog.



    Okay, taking another look, it seems like the problem is in YOUR post:

    You can see that the comment is enlarged. Try using the Clean Code brush; don’t highlight text, just put your cursor at the end of the post and click.

    #196270 It’s finally okay. You were right, raincoaster, that my post was part of the problem. There were all kinds of div tags in the coding; they were lifted straight from certain sites that I linked to. The site uses the coding, and for some reason it gets picked up when I link to the site. But it was more complicated than that, because there were also some other co-blogger posts where I had deleted the coding and it was still there! In one case I copied the post, deleted it, and then checked the Code view before dropping the post into WordPad, and a portion of the evil MS Word coding was still there! Even though I had deleted all the text after copying it. Unbelievable.

    Anyway, everything’s back to normal now, and I did update my profile as you suggested.

    Thank you for your help.



    Wow, that sounds like a nightmare. Yes, pasting from other websites can pick up tags too, so I always do that interstitial paste into Wordpad to strip them all out. Then paste into the site.

    Anyway, glad to hear it’s fixed now. Hopefully it won’t recur. Also, I see you set your name to be clickable; thanks! That will save us much time. Also better promotion for your blog.

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