Font toggle in GlotPress – again …

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    After seeing this remark in functions.php from Twenty Thirteen I think my first thought in this closed thread was right…

    /* Translators: If there are characters in your language that are not
    * supported by Source Sans Pro, translate this to ‘off’. Do not translate
    * into your own language.
    $source_sans_pro = _x( ‘on’, ‘Source Sans Pro font: on or off’, ‘twentythirteen’ );


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    The blog I need help with is



    Digging deeper in this case I found a few little glitches:

    Most of the fonts I found at Google Fonts, where I can change the preview text to some German specific characters like “üöäÜÖÄß” for testing.

    But I couldn’t found some fonts. For example “League Gothic”, which is actually found at Typekit. There you can change the preview text as well for testing the font.

    The other two fonts are “Roberto Condensed” and “Ideation and Intent custom font“.

    After exporting the strings from GlotPress to get the source code file path (which is getting me the theme name) I could inspect the theme.

    “Roberto Condensed” is meant to be “Roboto” which is the Google Webfont used in Chalkboard.

    And “Ideation and Intent custom font” is not really helpful. The fonts used in this theme are “Abel”, “Dosis” and Open Sans” (which are all Google Webfonts).

    Maybe this will help other translators as well. :)



    @automattic: Someone should fix the content description from “Roberto Condensed” to “Roboto” in the theme (Chalkboard). And “Ideation and Intent custom font” isn’t much helpful, too.



    Thanks for the report.

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