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    Help! I don’t know what I did to my blog. The only changes I did was to click on my images in each post and edited them to move to different areas of the post (Left/Middle/Right).
    It looked ok earlier, but when I pulled it up to view just now the posts are tiny.
    Did I do something by aligning the pictures.
    Obviously, I know nothing about codes, etc.
    Any advice/help will be greatly appreciated.



    Hi, boblets.
    I don’t think this is my problem since I do post directly on WordPress. I don’t cut and paste to it.
    Did you look at it? Was it small to you, too? Maybe it’s me…..
    I appreciate your post.



    Is the issue perhaps that the theme “Emire” has been changed at some point today. Notice your first post no longer as the word “Latest” in the starburst. I thought it was just an issue in my blog, but you seem to be having that issue too. Any ideas from other WordPress pros? BTW, I am not a wordpress pro.



    I would suggest trying a different theme, or use Windows Live Writer where you can adjust the font — in most themes anyway. For example,


    Were you using “Empire” for your blog?
    I tried changing the theme and it appears to have corrected the problem, but I really wanted the color scheme that Empire provided since it was a close match to my website.
    ARRRRGGGHHH….I hate being dumb about this stuff.
    Thanks for your advice.



    SOC- Yes, I am using the emire theme, same as you. I’ve optimistically sent a question to WordPress support, referencing this forum string. The font size is not the only change to the theme, there are a couple other layout elements that are affected. I can’t imagine that we are the only bloggers using the theme that have noticed the layout issues. If it is system-wide, they’re likely to address the issue. I’ll post back to this string if support has anything to say. -Timbo


    Thank you so much, Timbo!
    That makes me feel a *little* bit better….LOL
    I’ll watch for your update.
    Have a great evening.



    I have also noticed very minor changes to the theme I’m using. For example, I now have to use two html line breaks code in my text widget versus one line break few days ago.



    There are changes to my blog as well, but I’m using Ambiru.



    Woops Emire too, my mistake.


    I am having the same problems with Emire. Changing themes is not a reasonable solution, esp for those of use who paid for the css upgrade.


    Of note: “posts” are affected, “pages” are not.



    Ooops, sorry guys, we made some changes yesterday and looks like we accidentally broke a couple of things. All fixed now, thanks for your patience :)



    I am having the same problem with Mistylook. I am brand new on WordPress. Hanni, can I adjust the font on my site?


    Thanks, hanni!
    I thought I originally thought I did something wrong and was freaking out!
    But, once I posted here and started getting feedback from other members, I calmed down and chose to “wait it out.”
    These forums are really great resources (especially for an inexperienced blogger like me.) :-)
    I appreciate your replies!
    Happy blogging!



    Thanks hanni! -Timbo


    (sigh) One more little bitty question and then I’ll be finished….
    Did the “Calendar” widget go away on Emire?



    It shouldn’t have done – looks like it fell off of your site I’ve put it back on for you :)


    Yea! It’s back!
    Thanks, hanni!

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